Brian Bergan – Owner

Starting at an early age, I rode my bike to my first job.  A job at a landscaping/garden center in Minnesota.  I enjoyed a position watering plants, pulling weeds, customer service and yard maintenance.  As my next few summers had me moving to landscape installation my passion for landscaping grew.  As I attended Concordia College in Minnesota I wondered what my career path would be.  Every summer I enjoyed working in the outdoors and being challenged mentally and physically in the landscaping industry.  After spending some time in the mortgage industry I soon realized I needed to get outside and continue my landscaping career. 

After 15 years of landscaping in Minnesota my wife (Tiffany) and I decided to move to Great Falls in December 2007.  In the Spring of 2008 I started Rocky Mountain Hardscapes.  A company with a focus on hardscapes installation.  After 13 years of growing that company into a leader in its industry, I decided to move in a different direction from my partners at RMH and start my own company. 

So in December of 2020 Superior Hardscapes was established. Superior Hardscapes is lead with my 30 years of experience.  Now, in the coming years Superior Hardscapes will continue to strive to be the best hardscape installer in Montana.